Fix Up Your Home in Newburgh, NY

Fix Up Your Home in Newburgh, NY

Make your house safer and more put-together with home repairs

When railings or furnishings in your home break, they aren’t just making your house look bad. They can be dangerous. Keep your family safe by reaching out to W.T.B. Home Solutions, LLC for home repairs. We’ll patch up anything that’s broken and make sure your house is in top condition.

We can repair:

  • Internet wires
  • Phone wires
  • Flaws in flooring
  • Sheetrock holes
  • Exterior siding

Contact us today to request home repairs in Newburgh, NY.

Breathe new life into your home with our expert painting services

Make each room stand out in vibrant color. We’ll help you pick the right shade for any home. Our team applies paint in broad, even strokes that will leave your house looking neat and beautiful. Thanks to our painting services, you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand-new house.

The right coat of paint can make your home look larger and more impressive. It can also make any new house feel like a real home.

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